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Feline Lymphoma

Lymphoma in cats is also commonly referred to as feline lymphosarcoma. This type of cancer affects one of the immune system’s most important cells, the lymphocytes. These cells are found all over the body, so a range of organs can be affected including the kidneys, skin, gastrointestinal system, and bone marrow to name a few.

Feline Anemia

Blood is made up of various types of cells, with red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen. Without enough of these cells circulating throughout the body, oxygen won’t make its way to various areas. This is known as feline anemia, and it is an important sign that some underlying disease or condition is affecting your [...]

Feline Fibrosarcoma

Fibrosarcoma in cats is an aggressive type of cancer that occurs in the skin. The tumors grow quickly and can spread to one or more bones in the body. Cats who develop this disease typically have a poor prognosis of a complete recovery. Cause Feline fibrosarcoma is a relatively rare form of cancer. The cancer [...]

Feline Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer rarely occurs in cats. When it does, the condition usually affects older or obese cats. This disease can easily be life-threatening since the cancer cells tend to spread to other organs easily. Keep reading to learn more about this disease. Causes Feline bladder cancer can develop if your cat is exposed to carcinogens. [...]