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Feline Bladder Stones

Feline bladder stones can develop due to the accumulation of various minerals. Most cats develop either struvite or calcium oxalate stones. A few have issues with urate stones, which are made from uric acid. No matter what they’re made from, they can cause a variety of issues for cats. Their presence in the bladder can lead to inflammation of the

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Feline Congestive Heart Failure

The heart is obviously responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. With feline congestive heart failure, the vital organ won’t be able to pump blood efficiently anymore. This is obviously a major problem. To make matters worse, this disease isn’t curable. Cats that are diagnosed with it will likely need to take prescription medications on a daily basis for life.

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Feline Liver Failure

Liver failure in felines is a very serious condition, commonly used interchangeably with liver disease. The condition can occur on either an acute or chronic basis. Acute cases develop suddenly, while chronic failure develops gradually over a period of time. Being a vital organ, the liver is responsible for performing many functions. So, if it stops working correctly, your cat

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Dangerous Human Foods for Cats

It stands to reason that owners feel their cats are part of the family. However, this shouldn’t be the case when it comes to meals. Certain human foods can be quite dangerous to cats. Some may cause only mild problems, but others can cause severe health problems and even death. Keep reading to learn about some of the foods that

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