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Feline Diabetes

Diabetes is a relatively common condition in cats. It usually affects older or obese cats, although any cat can be affected. Feline diabetes can’t be cured, but it can be effectively managed over time so your cat can lead a normal life. Causes Diabetes in cats affects males more often than females. Veterinarians don’t know the exact reason felines develop

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Feline Liver Disease

The liver is a vital organ, so any type of disease that affects it is very serious. It performs various functions such as removing toxins from the blood, hormone production, converting sugar, and producing enzymes that aid digestion. Here is a look at feline liver disease. Causes Liver disease in cats can be caused by various things. They include infections,

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Feline Hypothyroidism

Your cat’s thyroid gland is mainly responsible for regulating metabolism. Feline hypothyroidism results when this gland becomes underactive and causes metabolism to decrease. This is a relatively rare condition. Causes Ironically, the main cause of hypothyroidism in cats is treatment for hyperthyroidism. By treating the overactive gland too well, it may become underactive. Another cause of this disease is a

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Feline Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition characterized by increased levels of thyroid hormones. This affects various body systems such as the gastrointestinal tract and heart. Feline hyperthyroidism usually affects middle-aged to older cats. Cause Hyperthyroidism in cats causes increased circulation of thyroid hormones. This normally occurs because the gland has been affected by cancerous cells. Older cats normally develop this condition. Signs

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Feline Kidney Disease

Although it can affect younger cats, feline kidney disease is normally a problem with older cats. This condition can occur suddenly known as acute, or develop over time and be classified as chronic. Since the kidneys are responsible for eliminating toxins from the body, damage to them is very serious. Causes There are many different things that can cause kidney

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Feline Cystitis

Feline cystitis is a condition that affects your cat’s bladder. It causes your cat’s urine to develop tiny crystals and become bloody. This painful condition may result in your pet urinating in places he normally doesn’t. Cause It is not definitively known what causes cystitis in cats. Certain infections such as the herpes virus may be the cause in some

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