Feline Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the joints. There are different types namely traumatic and osteoarthritis. Traumatic can affect cats of any age, while osteoarthritis usually affects older cats.

Feline Arthritis


Traumatic feline arthritis is typically caused by a sudden injury. This can occur because of getting hit by a car, falling from a great height, or getting into a fight. Osteoarthritis usually occurs because of recurring cases of traumatic arthritis. It also develops frequently because of obesity.


One of the most common signs of arthritis in cats is a change in gait. You may also notice that your feline appears to be very stiff when getting up from laying down. He may also appear depressed or more aggressive than usual. The affected joint can also become swollen and your cat won’t like your touching it.


In order to diagnose feline arthritis, the veterinarian will have to perform a physical examination. He will also need to conduct various procedures such as x-rays, blood tests, and ultrasounds in order to rule out other conditions that can cause lameness in cats. He can also draw fluid from the affected joint for analysis.


Traumatic arthritis in cats can be treated with simple rest in the event of a sprain. Anti-inflammatory medications are also useful for dealing with the pain. Your cat may need to wear supportive dressings if the case is more severe.

As mentioned earlier, feline arthritis commonly affects obese cats. Therefore, a change in diet and a routine exercise schedule may be in order. There is also the need to perform surgery to treat some cases of arthritis. At home, you can provide your cat with a warm spot to rest in.


Since arthritis in cats can be caused by obesity, you should ensure your feline eats a healthy diet. Also, you can do your best to try to prevent accidents. However, since cats are so naturally athletic and adventurous, this can prove to be very difficult.

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