Feline Cystitis

Feline cystitis is a condition that affects your cat’s bladder. It causes your cat’s urine to develop tiny crystals and become bloody. This painful condition may result in your pet urinating in places he normally doesn’t.

Feline Cystitis


It is not definitively known what causes cystitis in cats. Certain infections such as the herpes virus may be the cause in some felines.


Feline cystitis makes it very difficult for your cat to urinate. Tiny crystals will develop in his urine. It will also turn bloody. Whenever he urinates, he will strain and only a few drops will pass at a time.


It is vitally important to note that a large amount of crystals in the urine can cause a blockage in the urethra. Male cats have a more narrow urethra than their female counterparts, so they are usually the ones that suffer any sort of blockage. A blockage will prevent elimination of toxins which will be fatal in a matter of two days.

Cystitis in cats is treated by increasing water intake while simultaneously decreasing mineral intake in the diet. This will help dissolve crystals in the urine. If a blockage occurs, a catheter will need to be inserted to remove urine. You will also need to limit the amount of stress your cat endures.

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