Feline Dementia

Feline dementia is a disease that usually affects older cats. Cats that are older than 11 years of age are particularly at risk. Felines with this disease typically show behavioral symptoms.

Feline Dementia


Dementia in cats usually causes various changes in behavior like loss of appetite and soiling in places other than the litter box. Your cat may also lose interest in being around you the owner as much. It’s also common for cats to stop responding to his name or other commands like usual. Like dementia in humans, your feline may also appear lost and confused.


Feline dementia can be difficult to diagnose accurately since most owners will just think its old age that’s getting to their cat. Also, various other illnesses can cause some of the same symptoms. Therefore, the vet will need to rule out other diseases using blood tests, x-rays, and urinalysis. He will also need to perform a full behavior and medical exam.


Dementia in cats can’t be cured. However, there are medications available that can reduce the severity of symptoms that your feline experiences. You will also need to change your cat’s home environment to suit his new health condition.

You will need to ensure that his litter box and food dishes are in easy places for him to get to. Ideally, they will be located in areas that he spends most of his time. Also, you will need to remove any obstacles and slippery surfaces in his favorite areas.


As an owner, you can do your part to prevent feline dementia by ensuring your cat has annual vet visits. This becomes much more important as your cat gets older. You can also make sure that your cat eats a well-balanced diet and has plenty of physical and mental exercise.

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