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Feline Fibrosarcoma

Fibrosarcoma in cats is an aggressive type of cancer that occurs in the skin. The tumors grow quickly and can spread to one or more bones in the body. Cats who develop this disease typically have a poor prognosis of a complete recovery.

Feline Fibrosarcoma


Feline fibrosarcoma is a relatively rare form of cancer. The cancer develops in response to a vaccination shot given to your cat. Different types of vaccines have a higher risk of causing fibrosarcoma in cats than others.


This cancer causes a variety of symptoms that are easy to notice. They include painful walking, problems chewing and eating, and swelling. Cats may also start bleeding for no apparent reason.


If feline fibrosarcoma is suspected, the vet will initially perform a thorough physical examination. If a tumor isn’t noticeable, a blood sample and x-ray will be helpful. If the vet can identify a tumor, he can take a biopsy to get more information about the disease.


There are a variety of treatment options for fibrosarcoma in cats. If the tumor is still localized, surgery is the primary method of treatment. However, surgery may not be appropriate depending on your cat’s age and the overall condition of his health.

If the disease has already spread to other areas of the body, then surgery isn’t an option. Instead, radiation and chemotherapy are the only choices for treatment. However, chemotherapy is very expensive and takes a large toll on your cat’s health.


As mentioned earlier, the prognosis for feline fibrosarcoma usually isn’t good. Even is surgery can successfully remove the tumor, it will likely recur in no more than six months. Most cats who develop this disease pass away within two years.